One of the important functions of the legal system is to provide a framework for the resolution of personal, family or estate/trust litigation disputes.  The assistance of trained, experienced attorneys in resolving disputes can be invaluable.

The best dispute, of course, is one that never occurs.  The attorneys at Hill Glowacki, LLP can help you to negotiate agreements and resolve disputes before they reach the stage that requires court or other legal intervention.

If a dispute requires outside intervention to resolve it, our attorneys have the training and experience to provide you with excellent representation in whatever proceeding may be required. Many disputes can be resolved through Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques, such as mediation and arbitration.  The attorneys at Hill Glowacki, LLP can represent you in such proceedings.

Of course, many cases each year go to court.  In many court proceedings, your interests are best represented by lawyers with the training and experience to present your case in the most effective and compelling manner to enhance the possibility that you will prevail. Hill Glowacki, LLP provides representation in family, probate and trust litigation, guardianship and other types of litigated disputes.